Summer is on the doors, and we can't wait for the summer hits to drop. I promise you, though, one song is going to be all over the radios this summer.

LPB Poody, a rap prodigy out of West Orlando, Florida, has dropped a song screaming summer vibes. After he became known for his collaborations with Glokknine, making songs like RocknRoll, D To The S, and appearing together in Part 1 of the 2018 West Orlando Cypher, some people said he was falling out. However, this year he is taking the West Orlando rap scene by storm.

After dropping "Batman" on the 16th of February, it got over five million views on youtube. LPB Poody is rapping about how he can be no one's Batman, as he is busy robbin'. Like Robin Batman's sidekick! Although Robin is no thief. Robin Hood was a thief, so it's a triple metaphor going in here.

Poody is also rapping about how he has no time for girls, and they should get into action instead of lap dancing. The beat is so bouncy and fits Poody's style, like how puzzle pieces fit together.

2021 was the season where LPB Poody has moved on from all the negativity and the beef surrounding Glokknine.