Name me one rapper from Texas. You didn't, didn't you? Alright, let me tell you about a new rising talent from Jacksonville.

Cico P is a new artist from Jacksonville, his melodic rapping style is unique, and his flow is smooth. This dude really knows how to ride the beat. He has only eight songs on YouTube, and although they didn't get many views, his last track "Tampa" is a banger, and it's five hundred thousand views right now. Mark my words. It will blow up. Remember that you heard it here first. The song is dope, and the lyrics will crack you up, trust me.

The wordplay on this track is clever, and the beat is so melodic. Cico P is rapping in this track about how women are not trustworthy, and they are lying. There are a lot of bars in Tampa indicating that. However, this line stands out the most and it is true ‘‘Shit ain’t even that deep, and you still chose to lie to me’’.

This year Cico P will blow up. I can feel it in my guts. He has been making the right moves, his social media content is hilarious, and he is meeting some big names in the game, such as NLE Choppa. Keep an eye on em.