Twirlanta is a drill anthem that was released on 19 Mars 2021 by 22Gz. The Brooklyn rapper Jeffrey Mark Alexander also known as 22Gz is an upcoming talent in the Brooklyn drill scene.

It’s always a twirling time when he pulls up in Atlanta! If you listen to this song then you gotta pay close attention to the shots 22Gz is sending. If you’re familiar with the infamous diss to CJ: ‘‘Now you niggas sayin' māthā? Lil' nigga’s an imposter’’, then let me know who is aiming at with: ‘‘What's all the tension? (Skrrt) Tried to run off with the drip, but ain't give me a mention (Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt, skrrt)’’. Yeah, that’s right! 22Gz is still on CJ’s tail and I don’t see him getting that target off anytime soon.

This track is full of heavy shots towards the 22Gz’ rivals, one of the lines that stands out the most is: ‘‘Look at these actors (Skrrt), droppin' the rakes (Skrrt), they ain't ever spinned Cali (They ain't ever spinned Cali, pussy)’’. Through this line, 22Gz is dissing Pop smoke’s people for not revenging their dead brothers in Cali.

You saw that coming don’t you? 22Gz was known to be pop smoke’s rival. Although he has expressed that he is sorry about pop’s death, apparently he is not cool with his people.

All in all, Twirlanta is a song worth looking into, especially with the state of the drill scene. 22Gz is a pioneer in such a genre don’t sleep on em.