When you ask people, Who is The Queen of Hip Hop?

No other female rap artist name is mentioned more than Cardi B.

Men and women both feel like after dropping her single Up, Cardi B has officially walked off with the crown.

With over one hundred million views on YouTube and constantly being played on the radio her success speaks for itself.

But what we find interesting is most men say the same phrase when her name is mentioned.

She kilt that beat,

Was repeated many times while discussing the queen of hip hop.

This is not often that a female artist receives respect for her skills on a song.
So we started asking what was so special about her performance on this song.

From our research, Most men claim that Cardi B is rapping more like a man would rap on that track, Harder flow with punchlines.

This combination is quickly winning her more male fans worldwide.

Every other car that rides by seems to be enjoying her song. This kind of momentum should last well into the summer with a hit like this.

Giving Cardi B Queen of Hip Hop status for most of the year. Her future looks very brite becoming a house hold name in the hood and suburbs.